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Coaching Agreement

My role as your Arts + Mindfulness Coach:

  1. I will listen, ask questions, and offer non-judgmental feedback.

  2. I will support you in setting goals and identifying action steps towards achieving those goals.

  3. I will invite you to work on building new skills between sessions. These could include artistic practices, mindfulness techniques, reading assignments, and journal assignments.

  4. I will keep anything you share with me strictly confidential, including your personal information, communications, and any works of art you create unless you reveal something that indicates the potential for harm to yourself or to others.

  5. I will honor your process of growth and change with awareness, patience, dignity, and compassion.

Your role as my client:

  1. You will be curious about yourself! This includes your personality, relationships, past experiences, how you cope with stress, and your desire for change. 

  2. You will identify areas for improvement and issues you wish to address in our coaching sessions.

  3. You will be open to exploring new artistic skills and mindfulness practices for the process of self-discovery and expression.

  4. You will make time between our sessions to journal, reflect, and work on the skills and practices we have identified for the week.

  5. You will acknowledge that meaningful change is often a gradual process that takes time, awareness, practice, humility, and compassion for yourself and others.


  1. Private coaching fee is $75 per 75-minute session.

  2. Payment is due at the time of each weekly coaching session. You may prepay up to one month in advance.

  3. Reduced-fee options may be possible for those experiencing financial hardship.

  4. Please submit payment using one of the following options:

  • Cash

  • Checks made payable to “Emily Olson”  

  • Venmo @EmilyOlson427

  • CashApp $EmilyOlson427

  • PayPal




Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made less than 24 hours of the start of the service will not quality for a refund.


Terms of Service


Privacy Policy


I will work with you to help you move forward with issues relating to goal achievement and finding greater fulfillment in your life. I am qualified as an Arts + Mindfulness coach and agree to provide coaching services to you.

You acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychotherapist or health care professional. I may advise to seek treatment from a medical or mental health clinician to better address certain psychological or physical needs that may arise.

Review the Welcome Letter
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