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Our perspectives about ourselves and how we operate in the world are informed by our early relationships, life experiences, and biological capacity for survival. Learn the scientific basis for how stress impacts us cognitively, emotionally, and physically. Discuss the concepts, myths, misconceptions and stereotypes around mindfulness. Learn how to practice mindfulness with music, movement, art, creative writing and storytelling to help manage stress and contribute to more meaningful relationships.

Population: undergraduate and graduate students, working professionals


Length of workshop: TBD


Delivery: In-person to fully-vaccinated/masked participants or remotely on Zoom


Target Audience

Who is this workshop designed for?

Students or professionals who:

  • are interested in learning mindfulness techniques and creative life skills that offer physical, emotional and psychological support in stressful situations and environments,

  • are battling tension, stress, anxiety or depression and/or are overwhelmed by feelings of failure or inadequacy, especially in light of measurable or recognized accomplishments,

  • willing to explore new approaches to reduce stress and engage in your life and relationships with greater ease, agency and meaning. 



What will you learn?

How to identify the stressors that impact your thoughts, emotions, and physical body.

How to cultivate a more nurturing approach to managing stress and anxiety through mindful awareness, curiosity, creative expression, and self-compassion.

How to incorporate meditation, creative art, and body-based practices that can increase your capacity for resilience, authenticity, and meaningful social engagement.

Signing Check


Details for one 6-week series

Fee:  $300/hour

Payment structure: Full amount paid in advance by your institution with a check made payable to Emily Olson, 874 Pinecrest, Dexter, MI 48130 or other mutually agreed upon payment method.

Minimum number of registered participants to run the workshop: eight (8) participants

Cancellation Policy: Full refund up to 2 weeks before the scheduled workshop date; 50% refund after that up to 3 days from the scheduled date. If there are fewer than eight students registered for the workshop two weeks out, the workshop will be canceled and you will be issued a full refund.


Emily Olson

Arts + Mindfulness Coach

Over the course of her professional music career, she has cultivated a holistic approach to mindful awareness by integrating sound, movement, writing, storytelling and visual art with practices from multiple wisdom traditions, as well as through training in the Alexander Technique, Authentic Movement, Body Mapping, Dalcroze Eurythmics, Enneagram, and Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education.


Emily earned her Master of Music degree in Flute Performance from the University of Michigan, and her interest in the role of the arts, movement and mindfulness in health and wellness has led to certifications in Therapeutic Music, RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training, Trauma & Body-Based Awareness and Somatic Embodiment & Regulation Strategies. Emily is passionate about helping others nurture their own authentic way of being in the world and has built a private practice offering one-on-one and group Arts + Mindfulness Coaching.


Anna Vantsevich

Mindfulness Leader, Behavior Health Technician

Anna studied neuroscience and health informatics at U-M, and a few years after graduating with her masters, she landed a coveted position at the University of California San Francisco, a top-three medical school in the U.S. The feeling of “stuckness” in her career, however, persisted even after working in the prestigious position. Anna began cultivating a practice of reflection and self-awareness, and when her circumstances changed to reveal a broader set of possibilities, she was ready to pursue her deeper goals. It is the building of inclusive narratives, and the skills that support embodying them, that Anna is inspired to share with others. Anna is currently in the Masters of Art Therapy program at Wayne State University.

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Our Collaboration

How we connect

Emily and Anna are an interdisciplinary team that came together from the two sides of the expression spectrum. Emily’s background in the arts has been infused with an investment in various brain-based, somatic and therapeutic practices, while Anna’s background in neuroscience and health informatics has been informed by pursuits in music, photography and visual art.  

In the Classroom


Reach out for insight

Contact Emily Olson at (734) 395-2696 or

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