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Easter morn

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

The day dawns early for me again

Black, quiet

still is the night but, wait--

The hollow of the heart

is no longer a dank and putrid space

shored up for all to not see

"All alone" is now a clearing in the yard

Grief, with its tears and truth came through

Like rain and daffodils

and wise friends

What is Easter but a promise of something new

to fill the place where once rock and clay

packed down my hurt and trod upon yours?

Make the way clear, not straight

Fill our eyes with beauty

when the sky someday brightens

And soften my steps

as I journey to the center of me

searching for You

Remind me to return

when the world wearies

Oh, my soul...

and hardens the sorrows in my heart

and dims the light of my mind

and tells me I don't belong

Bring me home

to the garden of springtime

Make me like new again and again

and again as I, wait--


and, wait--


and, wait--


and step forward to greet this day

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