Arts & Mindfulness Coaching

Emily uses her background in the arts, education, and healthcare to help you reduce stress and resource your life with creative expression. She seamlessly weaves together music, movement, visual art, creative writing, and meditation practices from a variety of wisdom traditions in an integrated approach to personal growth.

I offer a trauma-informed, holistic approach:

  • arts-focused and body-based strategies to reduce chronic pain, tension, anxiety, and depression,

  • expressive practices to help regulate your stress response and increase your capacity for curiosity and self-compassion,

  • creative techniques for exploring new options in a supportive, non-judgmental space, and

  • personalized sessions tailored to your unique circumstances and goals

​Arts & Mindfulness Coaching
invites others to:

  • CONNECT with their lived-experience as a source of intelligence,

  • FOSTER their curiosity, wonder and imagination,

  • EXPLORE new possibilities for self-discovery and personal freedom, and

  • DISCOVER their own wisdom and authentic way of operating in the world

My lifelong pursuits have always revolved around the arts, music, education, and personal and spiritual development. After teaching students and clients of all ages for over 25 years, I can attest to the restorative value of incorporating creative expression and mindfulness practices into everyday life.

Emily Olson

Where would you like to begin?

dance, yoga, gardening, contemplative movement

drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, photography, poetry, drama

mindfulness, meditation, mantras, prayer, labyrinth practice

teaching, collaborating, listening, witnessing

My mission is to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, engaging your source of creativity and inspiration, which I believe exists in every human being.