Arts & Mindfulness

One-on-one sessions

Cultivate mindfulness, creative art, and body-based awareness practices to support your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Sessions may incorporate stream-of-consciousness journaling, reflective drawing, exploratory movement and sound, and guided meditation tailored to address your unique circumstances and personal goals.

Arts & Mindfulness sessions are ideal for adults who are experiencing anxiety, chronic pain, burnout, performance anxiety, or are interested in pursuing new creative approaches to self-care and personal growth. Emily is committed to offering inclusive and brave space for all, especially those who identify as people of color or on the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

No previous artistic experience required.

Now offering in-person sessions!

Details for weekly 75-minute sessions

Emily Olson

Over the course of her career as a professional musician, Emily has cultivated a holistic approach to mindful awareness by integrating sound, movement, writing, storytelling and visual art with practices from multiple wisdom traditions. Emily is passionate about helping others nurture their imagination and creative life skills.


Please note that Emily is not a licensed psychotherapist or health care professional. Clients may be advised to seek treatment from a medical or mental health clinician to better address certain psychological or physical needs that may arise.

Arts & Mindfulness Coach


Fees are based on a sliding scale, $50-75. Payments may be made with cash PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp. Your first session is FREE!

Details for one 75-minute session


Contact Emily Olson at (734) 395-2696 or

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